Mexico City International Airport, Mexico, Winter 2020

I think the aesthetics I look for are close to the ethics I want to live for. don’t want to work for bad people, in a way that they are consuming me.

I don’t want to live or be anywhere near crime, or violence. I don’t wat to have anything to do with these so called femicides, or any violence in general. I want to commit to being a good dude, a buen wey.

Here in Mexico, all the men are fucking machista and its because of the education received from their fathers. …

CDMX, Mexico. Winter 2020.

At the beginning of 2020, we had a big big fight and we stopped talking to each other. The fight was about stupid things, girl stuff… it was something silly like ‘You never talk to me’ that turned into a fight.
We didn’t speak to each other for a while. When we got in touch with each other again, we connected over sharing our stories… About growing up. We became really close.

Because I know her since high school. And she became my best friend and neighbour and every Friday, when we hang out and drink beers together, we talk…

Building A, Radio Kootwijk, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

Amsterdam Centrum, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

There have been people who, during an exercise, connect with something that is not here. Look, if you’re doing only one of these yoga classes. Then nothing is going to happen. But if you do this for a long time… People get some sort of an awakening during a lesson.

Okay so… This is going to sound very vague. But I’ve learned that there’s a sleeping snake in your belly called Kundalini. And when you awaken him, he will open all of your chakras and it enables you to connect with the divine. …

Amsterdam Centrum, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

I really like the city and its influences. The city gives me a lot in my daily life. And it also gives me a lot from a creative point of view.

I just like that you can go to one place, say a sound studio, and then walk out of the studio five hours later and you’ve made a new song.
It’s very satisfying when it works, but if it doesn’t work, that’s fine too, because it’s so easy to visit the studio again. …

Charlois, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

I have an obsession with history, especially World War II. There are days and dates from the past that I know a lot about.

And you know what? As for past and history … I recently noticed that everything about my personal past doesn’t have that much of an emotional impact on me anymore.

I think that’s my big achievement.

Because I see so many people very angry about things in the world. They feel that a lot is being done with them personally. And it got me thinking about when I was younger, when I also shared the same…

Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

It attracts me because it is so extreme. Antarctica is one of the last discovered places on Earth. The first person to reach the southernmost tip of the North Pole was not there until the late 19th century. To reach that point took a lot of effort, a lot of technological development to linger there.

It would be impressive to sail through there with a ship, with huge ice rocks that could kill you at any time. And those huge plains there. It’s just a whole different world. And they have penguins. That’s a nice bonus.
Great Britain even has a…

Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

Compared to my parents, I grew up in this society. And I have lived here all my life. The Dutch are so different from the rest of the world. If you compare them with the Arab culture, in the Netherlands it is actually about ‘just being normal’.

I don’t think that’s something that is necessarily bad. But I know that life can be approached differently — in a way that is really a lot lighter than the way things are done here.

For example in the music scene. When performing here in the Netherlands, the audience simply stands with their…

Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

I hope there is a place far away where everyone lives with a kind of deep connection.

I’m not saying this place should be like a community. But I see it more in a symbolic way, as an ideal world where people live together more, and not as individualistic.

Which means that you … Well, I think if you have some society where you work together more, and let each other be themselves more, and everyone can do what they want and don’t depend on a money system or whatever. Then I think you can achieve more together.

Yes, perhaps this remote place is very close. Maybe it is in ourselves.

Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

When I arrived at the last address in Tasmania, it was an old church they had made their own home. It was a very luxurious place. The retired couple owned a lot of land, and I met a woman and a man who were unable to have children of their own. They were looking for people who could help them with the garden and the farm, help with the daily things. In return they offered a place for people to sleep.

They themselves traveled a lot when they were young, so they really knew what it was like to be…

Rick van de Dood

Hi, I’m a filmmaker. Everyone’s got a story to tell. I was wondering what’s yours. Come by some time. See you soon. Bye Bye.

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